The Weekly Harvest 7/27/12 Sustainable Food Blogs Here and Yonder

July 27, 2012 at 1:31 pm

It has been a busy week in the sustainable food blogosphere. The biggest local topic is the farm to table community rallying around Harvest Moon Farms’ Drought Aid 2012 campaign, you can make donations at the link on their site. The ongoing drought has affected 80% of their business, Anthony Todd at The Chicagoist mentioned it here. Chandra Ram at Plate Magazine wrote about their plight and need here. As of this post, the Green Grocer has chosen Harvest Moon Farms as their donation of the month group and Uncommon Ground responded immediately when they became aware of the issue by offering a Drought Aid menu and other special events coming up in August. Lets help them get their tomatoes to market and save some of their greens!

The Chicago Mobile Food Ordinance being passed was the other big local issue this week and Louisa Chu from WBEZ was at the hearings and in the middle of it. Crain’s Chicago business reported on the outcome.  At least one Aldermen sees the bigger picture, Alderman John of the 45th Ward was the lone dissenting vote. Robin Armer tells the story of how a “Mobile pie truck staved off hunger during the Great Depression” Quinn Ford reported on the lead-up to the vote. Eater Chicago weighs in here. Grubstreet Chicago has their current update on it here. Grubstreet includes the huge issue about Chick-a-Filet, and information about the Art Smith fundraiser is here, Flick-the-Hate. Louisa Chu has the perfect response to all this Chick-A-Filet business, eat more hot dogs, “Eat Mor Hot Dogz“!!!!!!!!!!!!

In 2 minutes you can take action to help change the food system. You can vote for your favorite local farmers market here organized by the American Farmland Trust. On, sign the petition to ask Trader Joe’s to buy meat without drugs. Meatwithoutdrugs has their own petition here. The Organic Consumers Association is calling the current Farm Bill, the worst Farm Bill ever. The National Sustainable Agricultural Coalition is asking for a better Farm Bill here. JustLabelIt is petitioning for mandatory labeling of GMO products. Slow Food USA has endorsed this petition with their own. If you clinked on all the links, you just made a difference!!!

In the small roundup of the issues circulating, with this drought the New York Times sees food prices rising. Nourishing the Planet reported that Monsanto receives an F when it comes to sustainable agriculture. The New York Times also reported that Cargill was forced to recall 29,300 pounds of beef due to salmonella. On a positive note, Rodale Press published the story of Will Witherspoon, an NFL linebacker for the Tennessee Titans and a sustainable farmer who is working to get antibiotics out of the meat industry. published this piece of progress, Sysco is not buying meat from pigs raised in gestation crates. Sign those epetitions, every signature does make a difference!!! (See the previous paragraph)

Anthony Todd at the Chicagoist published a great piece for anyone who is curious about what a farm dinner is like, “Pigs, Beer, Whiskey, Good Feelings at a City Provisions Farm Dinner” Michael Gebbert at Grubstreet Chicago wrote a follow-up post to it. If you want a chance to go to a “real” County Fair, Grubstreet reminded us of the one going on this weekend in Lake County. Grubstreet Chicago spied this write-up on the Slow Food USA blog on what’s going on at Growing Home urban farm.

This goes in the “local, local” category and the “who knew” category, that you could use chocolate as mulch and the Blommer Chocolate Factory is happy to provide it, as posted on the Well Community Blog which is sponsored by Swedish Covenant Hospital and Galter Life Center.

I couldn’t resist this one, fellow Beetniks, “Making Use of the Whole Beet” in the New York Times.

Here is one more fantastic local blog on food, Frombellytobacon. So many fantastic blogs such little time. Grab a cold craft beer, or iced tea with some fresh herbs and enjoy summer while it is still here!! As usual if you have a favorite blog, let us know in the comments below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!