The Weekly Harvest 7/20/12 Sustainable Food Blogs Here and Yonder

July 20, 2012 at 3:24 pm



Corn has started to appear at the markets despite the drought we have been having. I am sure all of you very knowledgeable Beeters know this, but each single thread of corn silk needs to be pollinated in order to produce one kernel of corn on the cob. I never knew this until a farmer explained the wind, the tassle and the kernels to me this past weekend. But drought seems to be on every farmer’s mind and restaurants like Uncommon Ground┬áhave started a “Drought Aid 2012″ menu to donate $5 of every meal to help Harvest Moon Farms whose crops are down 80%.

The other picture is a market tip from this #middlevore. At the Green City Market, River Valley Ranch and Kitchens has 2 tents, one to sell mushrooms and the other is all about foods you can buy made with mushrooms. The mushroom, garlic scape and arugula soup is so good, that you don’t need cold weather as an excuse to buy it, good, good, good!

So the drought was all over the blogosphere this week. Harry Carr of Mint Creek Farm had this blog post titled “Backs Against the Wall? “talking about climate change and our response to it. USA Today reported that the “Drought expected to drive up cost of milk, cheese” The New York Times reported “Widespread Drought is Expected to Worsen“Agri-view talks about corn pollination(for thoses who would like to learn more) and the rain.Reuters reported “U.S. worse drought since 1956-NOAA” Everyone please do your rain dance!!!

For your E-activism votes of the week, The Organic Consumers Association sent out their rundown of the current Farm Bill which they do not like at all and are asking for you to take a minute and email a letter to your ┬áCongressman here. Food and Water Watch have their full take on the Farm Bill here. The Huffington Post published a piece by Andrew Kimbrall, Executive Director of the Center for Food Safety “Will Congress Let Monsanto Write Its Own Rules?” has this petition going to “Stop the Monsanto Rider” Along those lines, Rodale Press “Proof That GMOs Really Are Unhealthy” Here is another E-petition asking Jamba Juice to stop using styrofoam.

Nourishing the Planet wade in on “Rising Food Prices and Social Unrest

On Organic Foods and the labeling issues, the New York Times printed “Has ‘Organic’ Been Oversized

On some local notes, Ellen Malloy and Grant Kessler’s 100mealproject continues. Their latest post “A Fence May Have Two Sides.But It Is Still One Fence“.

Louisa Chu at the Movable Feast Blog at WBEZ had this wrap-up of the 2012 Green City Market BBQ.

On a food truck note, Louisa Chu was at the meeting yesterday and tweeting for WBEZ from the vote of the City Councils License and Consumer(restaurant) Protection Committee and here is her recount. Michael Gebert of Grubstreet Chicago (who was at the Publican Quality Meats Dark Lord Dinner Lucky guy!) sounds in with his thoughts here.

Help start a locally-focused grocery called Plenty in Ukranian Village, Grubstreet posted their Kickstarter page.

I met Maggie Hennessy at a Chicago Food Writers Forum sponsored by Graze Magazine but Maggie has a great blog and her recent post sounds yummy,, on beets of course! Beet bruschetta which is another great idea for beets,you know we love them, along with Kelly Hewitt’s recipe for pickled beets here.

Enjoy this beautiful weather today, have a great weekend, let us know your fave blog!!