Eli’s Cheesecake and Wright College Farmer’s Market Lecture Series 2012

July 3, 2012 at 8:14 am

My bad! my bad!

Listen, we try to get all the good stuff up, and we especially have the good work of Beetnik Jeannie Boutelle to monitor the event line, but sometimes things fall to my desk, not hers, and when that happens, well when that happens I don’t always do as good a job as Jeannie. I really should have been letting you all know about the fantastic group of speakers once again being presented by our friends at Eli’s Cheesecake. There’s no better way to learn about our food system than to stop by there on a Thursday, shop the farmer’s market, have lunch, and hear an informed speaker. Despite our poor efforts in getting you the word, you have a few more opportunities to take part. You’ll be thankful that we got around to this.