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June 29, 2012 at 10:46 am


It is that time of year I feel lucky to live in Chicago. I stopped by Publican Quality Meats to check out La Quercia prosciutto and their HamIndependence tour. Little did I realize all that PQM carries between their refrigerator cases and their shelves, I felt like I was in Italy rather than on Fulton Street in Chicago. I had heard of La Quercia through the foodie grapevine but I guess I am a little slow sometimes on the uptake, Quercia is Oak in Italian and what do oak trees produce, acorns which are fed to the pigs to replicate the food pigs are fed in Italy. With Terra Madre on my mind (not going) I guess I have been thinking of all things Italian!

There has been a lot this week in the sustainable food blogosphere, with the heat outside, hopefully you are reading this in a cool place with an icy drink. Here goes!

The Chicago Tribune reported on Northern Illinois farmers and the weather, “Northern Illinois lawns, farms drying up“.

There is a Mid-America Homesteading Conference going on in September.

Slow Food USA runs down the wins/losses on the Farm Bill after the Senate passed it. HealthyFoodAction network comments on their take on the Farm Bill. The Farmbillprimer is a great site with specific data on the amendments and which Senator did what on the Farm Bill.

Nourishing the Planet posted “Eating Planet:Carlo Petrini Discusses Buying Food and Paying For Your Values

Nourish9billion.org has a petition you can sign to demand public policies that support sustainable agriculture. FoodDemocracyNow has a petition “Stop the Monsanto Protection Act” Change.org has a petition “Progresso: Stop Poisoning People with Your Soup!”

Leah Douglas at Serious Eats talks about the Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15 when it comes to foods.

Read about The30project this week and their work to bring sustainable food groups together.

The Huff Post had an article “Sustainable Behavior Study Shows Why People Go Green

Civil Eats posted a review of “The Urban Farm Handbook

The New York Times ran  an Op/Ed “Dirtying Up Our Diets

The HeavyTable.com talks about Wisconsin cheeses at the Fancy Foods show.

Linda Novick O’Keefe, Founding Executive Director of Common Threads had this published in the Huffington Post, “In Defense of Chefs: A Love Letter”

The Brockman Family now has their weekly market letter on line with what is going on at Henry’s Farm.

Michael Ruhlman had a post on nettle pesto. Moira Tuffy had a piece here on the Beet about nettle soup several months ago. Be sure to follow @localfamily, @tomarketwithmo , @sustainablecook, eatatkellys.blogspot as well for all sorts of recipe and cooking ideas! Happy Fourth!!!!

“After I Hit the PUBLISH button” Never fails that some great tidbit surfaces on the internet “AIHTPB”, this is it, a video by Michael Gebert, SkyFullofBacon and Grubstreet Chicago on Otter Creek Farm’s cheese and their view of the food world “Soil, Corn, Cows, Cheese


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