Meat Goes Social in Chicago, Red Meat Market Launches Thur. 6/14

June 10, 2012 at 9:14 pm

photo-bag @Redmeatmarket flashed by on Twitter a few weeks ago or was it Facebook? The social media highway runs at warp speed that I can’t remember which one I saw first. I did read, “Great meat from good people. Local, Natural, Sustainable” Their twitter description says “Red Meat Market is a social community and ecommerce marketplace for Meat Buyers to easily source and purchase Local Organic/Grass-Fed Beef, Pork and Lamb.” One of their recent facebook posts ” What if there was a Social Network for #foodies who want #GrassFed Meat? There’s one coming! Red Meat Market” Okay, now my curiousity was piqued, what exactly is Red Meat Market? “We’re forming a community of #Meatlovers who like fun & only want to purchase #Meat that’s raised #Local“ Then of course the post that signed the deal, a Red Meat Market “Meat Up” Launch Party at Goose Island Clybourn, Thursday June 14 from 6-10pm(sorry folks I think it is already sold out but they have a Meat-Up coming soon) Party, beer, food, good meat, they had me!! But like always there is a back story to why I am so excited about the launch of Red Meat Market and their social distribution of good meat!

At a conference during this past winter sponsored by the Chicago arm of the USDA, which I wrote about on The Local Beet, I heard Bartlett Durand of Black Earth Meats (the meat behind Red Meat market) speak and the best description of him is a “meat evangelist”. Bartlett has been working over the last few years to increase his production and distribution network. My best take-away from what he said is that basically our current systems of production are not working and that good food will change the world and he is working to do that.  As with most things, the more I learn the more I realize there is more of the onion to peal. Michael Gebert of SkyfullofBacon, and referenced in the Weekly Harvest here on The Local Beet from time to time, did a fantastic video on Bartlett called “The Zen Butcher“. On the Black Earth Meats website you will see that Bartlett takes raising, feeding and slaughtering his animals seriously and consciously. I cannot do justice in how 360 Bartlett is in keeping the circle closed in nurturing his farmers, animals, his workers and his customers so that the system is sustainable in a way that takes care of the earth, and the animals and that the meat produced is good and healthful for all.

Although I am not a big meater, I have somehow gotten involved in meat issues. In the recently released Graze Magazine, I have an essay, “My Mutton Given For You:Thoughts on Merciful Meat Consumption”. The general theme of my meandering essay is conscious meat eating. Red Meat Market is in some ways doing a head fake, they are making meat buying and eating fun but at the same time they are bringing consciously raised food to the table.

Fun, I did say fun and that is what the key element of Red Meat Market and I think more will be revealed at the Launch Party but the person bringing fun to the table is Mark Wilhelm who is the glue holding the social angles together and the “Meat-Ups” to Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison.

Red Meat Market Man w headline and MW

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They will be hosting multiple events that involve Meat! We’re taking Meat social! Local, sustainable and All-Natural that is! We are going to be hosting events in Madison, Milwaukee and of course Chicago. We’ll be having an event a week and some will involve Meat-Ups! We create events around Meat! Like “Meat ups” in bars where people pick up orders, trade cuts and have fun, We hold farm dinners, and butcher parties. We’re taking the meat industry to a new level and reinventing the Butcher shop! We make Meat buying an Experience! We’ll also be selling Meat from multiple local providers all in one place online. Its like a Farmers Market Online for Meat, delivered via truck or picked up in various fun locations. Its almost like a CSA with drinks and apps included!

More will be revealed as Red Meat Market rolls out their Meat Ups. The best thing to do is “to get” social with them and “Like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Some good meat is coming to Chi-town soon!!!!!!!!!!