The Weekly Harvest 6/8/12 Blogs Here and Yonder

June 8, 2012 at 12:25 pm

Lots going on in the sustainable food blogosphere here, and a lot to do with the outdoors. Anthony Todd, @foodieanthony on Twitter, food editor for the Chicagoist and great friend of the Beet, unearthed tons of great detail in a recent article in The Sun Times, “Field Museum takes organic approach to gardening exhibit” The garden is a collaboration between The Field Museum, the Seed Savers Exchange and the Peterson Garden Project.

On another note, The Chicagoist reported on the closing of The Chicago Downstown Farmstand and it sounds like what it will morph into is still in the air, “New Indoor Farmers Market to Replace Downtown Farmstand

Michael Ruhlman, prolific author, chef, blogger and encourager of all things to do with cooking and great food, published a fantastic piece on “How Chickens Are Processed” which includes a video demonstrating the process. As people become more aware of what “good meat” is, the processing or slaughtering side of the equation often gets left out but is part of what eating meat is about.

The Salt of NPR wrote, “Small Scale Slaughterhouses Aim To Put The Local Back In Local Meat

Lots going on about The Farm Bill, The Atlantic “Food Leaders:The Farm Bill Props Up the Wrong People“. The American Farmland Trust has a petition that you can sign to take action. The Center for Science in the Public Interest has a petition you can sign about crop subsidies here. Food Democracy Now has this petition circulating about the Farm Bill here.

The Homage Food Truck, @HomageSF is leaving the food truck business and they wrote about their experiences and the issues that they had to deal with in Chicago here.

Josh Viertel, the President of Slow Food USA resigned and the New York Times posted a commentary about it, “After Turmoil, Departure of Slow Food Leader

I saw this recipe of Nettle Pasta on 101recipes by Heidi Swanson but there are a lot of great recipes and food ideas here on the Beet as well!!!

Grubstreet Chicago has a go at vinylism, foodies, locavore and their direction, “Vinyl, 64 oz. Sodas, and Other Ways Audio is the Next Foodies Frontier

One of my favorite posts of the week came from Nick Kindelsperger, the Editor, of Serious Eats Chicago, “Ten Dishes We Love at the Green City Market“. If you need a reason to check out the Green City Market then look at this slide show for all the choices you have to eat and drink.

Of course I can not end a week without checking out Nourishing The Planet many posts on creating a sustainable food planet. NTP and The Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition have released the book, “Eating Planet 2012

Happy foraging, shopping, planting and of course eating!!!