Every Last Morsel Helps Connect Community Gardens With Eaters

May 22, 2012 at 4:16 pm

Todd Jones has launched a new project, Every Last Morsel,¬†that¬†allows community gardens or even full-fledged farms to share the fruits of their labors with neighbors they didn’t know they had. Sensing a disconnect between disparate neighborhood gardens, rooftop projects, and urban farms on one side, and eaters on the other, Jones decided that the solution is simple: Plot the gardens on a map, and get people sharing their resources and needs.

He has launched a kickstarter project to build a website where anyone from small, hobby growers to urban farms can drop a pin on a map on the website denoting the location of the garden. If everything goes according to plan, neighbors will find the nearby gardens, and the family who is up to their ears in kale and zucchini can share it with people who need it without it going to waste. As Jones says, “If we make it easier for people to put their garden-grown goods to good use, and allow them to connect with people they’d have never met otherwise, then maybe we’ll inspire more people to grow more food in more places, because fresh, nutritious food can never be an overabundance. It just needs to be directed to the right plates.”

He’s got just 23 more days to go to reach his goal of $10,000, so if you’d like to back this project, now’s the time. Click here for more information.