Get Out and Market, You May Even Find Paella in Frankfort

April 26, 2012 at 4:16 pm

IMG_0361IMG_0360One of the first suburbs in the Chicago area to get their market going is Frankfort. way, way in the far south region.  This Sunday, their 2012 season begins.

One of the great things about farmer’s markets is that they give opportunities to all sorts of sellers.  Of course, you may find locally grown fruits and vegetables.  There’s a saying amongst market managers that the first people to apply are bakeries, so you almost always have some form of bread or cookies at markets.  There may be local eggs or meat.  And then there may be paella.

Some markets allow food vendors, and the food vendors you find at markets are not necessarily the ones you find at, well, not at markets.  I mean, how easy is to make paella over fire inside a restaurant.  Not so easy.  Yet, that’s the way paella is supposed to be made.  Outside, over a fire.  Sheppard food I think.  And at the Frankfort Farmer’s Market, at least last year, hopefully this year, you can get yourself real, authentic, cooked over fire, paella.  Believe me, you get a nice taste from that open flame.  More, the intense heat leads to what all paella affciandos want the soccarrat or crispy rice on the bottom of the pan.  Me, I don’t need many excuses to get to a farmer’s market, but if anyone could possible use an excuse, it’s for real paella.

Like I say, I’m not totally sure who will be at the first Frankfort market this year.  I know last year, Michigan farmers, Jimmy & Becky Hardin, were at the market.  The Hardins grow the best peaches, but you won’t find any of that in late April.  You will probably find some asparagus.  You’ll also find my wife, selling Tomato Mountain salsas and other products, and maybe, not really likely, a bit of their Spring produce.

Frankfort’s not your only market to try this weekend.  Beetnik Jeannie Boutelle puts together a great list of events in the Local Calendar, where you can find other Chicago area farmer’s markets, but I bet any other you find there won’t be any chance of paella.