It’s Back! The Second Annual Pastoral Artisan Producer Festival

April 23, 2012 at 10:59 am

Eating local means keeping your stomach away from the supermarket offerings. We can buy fruits and vegetables, eggs, some meat from farmer’s markets. We can subscribe to CSAs for similar. Yet, we cannot just eat that. We want to include cheese, bread, beer, wine, charcuterie, confections and other food stuffs in our diets. We want this to be as good as the asparagus and apples we get from our area farmers.  Since we cannot bob into Jewel for our kind of food, we need other ways to learn.

goat1 It’s back! We got a way.  The Second Annual Pastoral Artisan Producer Festival takes place this Saturday, from 11- 3pm at the Chicago French Market. This day provides complimentary tastings and meet-the-maker for over 70 producers of artisan foods. This video gives you a sneak peek of some of the vendors that will be there.  While, not all of the producers there are locally based, we think you will be more than impressed with the kinds items there.  In addition to tasting and learning, you will also, be able to pick up the Spring issue from our friends at Edible Chicago.

All in all, this day presents a great opportunity to learn by tasting and talking what the difference artisan provides.  Eating local will be a little bit easier after you check out this event.