The Weekly Harvest 4/5/12 Blogs Here and Yonder

April 5, 2012 at 9:38 am

Well, if you didn’t read it last week, Ellen Malloy at The Backyarditarian wrote about large farmers rebranding themselves as small, “Just Because the Canary is Alive“. ¬†This week, she and Grant Kessler, a friend of the Beet, announced their intention of “One Hundred Meals – Building Community at America’s Table” which sounds like quite an eating adventure!!!

Another blogger from last week, who had renewed his Food on the Dole manifesto has a new post out, “Grumpy Cats and Pleasant Houses“. I still need to adventure out myself and I have decided to do it by bike and train, but he got out to Three Floyds brew pub and then swung by through Bridgeport and did the classic Pleasant House/Maria’s Packaged Goods stop and his adventures did not end there….

Our friends at The Chicagoist and at Grubstreet Chi have never ending content and always worth a daily check if you haven’t already! Chief Beet Rob Gardner is featured in the Grubstreet post.

The Salt’s latest post at NPR is always salient, interesting and provocative!

If you have been reading the weekly harvest, you know that one of my weekly favorites is Nourishing The Planet, they produce content daily on positive changes going on around the world relative to food, farmers and agriculture.

One of my other favorites that has lots of great ideas and thoughts is Nourishing Words by Eleanor Baron.

Finally my other personal favorite is Ben Hewitt, the Vermont farmer, author, philosopher.

Since I just came back from a planning meeting for Food Day, October 24th, The Center for Science in the Public Interest is the sponsor and their blog is here.

The Illinois Stewardship Alliance is a great “go to” site for anything related to news, information on this “infamous” Farm Bill.

If you need information on something to do with food policy, grants, organizations working on good food, the website has SO MUCH information, you just have to dig through it.

Can’t finish this post without a recipe for asparagus since it is that asparagus time of year. This recipe comes from Chowbella and was recommended by the Spice House on their Facebook page. Have any asparagus recipes that you love? Add them to the comments section below.

In the “blogs I came across after I hit the PUBLISH button”, ¬†Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm put up a post how their Facebook page and blog are connecting with farmers and people from all over the world. I guess it truly is a “Buy Local, Think Global” world.

And I noticed that my favorite local, kosher, distillery, Koval, now has a blog going with video posts, and those truffles with chrysanthemum liqueur sound fantastic!

That’s it for me for this week! There is so much content out there on the web, what did you find insightful, provocative, empowering, reinforcing, informational, timely this week???? Let us know in the comments below!!!!!!!!