Still Time – Ground Up’s April 9 – Support the Spence Farm Foundation

April 2, 2012 at 10:43 am

Ask around the eat local community, and it won’t take long to find someone affected by the work of Marty and Kris Travis and their Spence Farm.  Spence Farm is known for its wild harvested crops and commitment to organic and sustainable farming. They supply unique items to area chefs like cattail shoots, and they also make special effort to preserve heritage items like Iroquois corn.  We’ve had some fun times, ourselves at Spence Farm as evidenced here and here.  We’ve also heard about fun times had by others.

For instance, last Fall Stephanie Izard, Chris Pandel, Jared van Camp and a handful of other Chicago chefs traveled to Spence Farm for a weekend of sustainable farming education. The weekend included sessions on live butchering, soil analysis, beekeeping and tastings of sustainable vs industrially produced farm products.  To help even more partake in this type of education, Marty and Kris created the non-profit educational organization, Spence Farm Foundation and the Stewards of the Land farming co-op.  They also wanted to build a group tying chefs to what happens down on the farm.  Ground Up is it.

Ground Up is launching an Indoor Farmers Market at Browntrout (4111 North Lincoln Avenue). In order to host this incubation market for small family farms, Ground Up is holding a fundraiser April 9, 2012 at Spacca Napoli Pizzeria. The evening will include food tasting stations, libations, Italian Folk Music, and a silent auction. Proceeds will go towards seed money for the organization and market, as well as the Spence Farm Foundation. We cannot think of a better way to spend some of your time.

Details and ticket information by EventBrite

Chefs Participating are:

Jonathan Goldsmith, Spacca Napoli
Mark Steuer, The Bedford
Sean Sanders, Brown Trout
Ashlee Aubin, Wood
Thomas Leavitt, White Oak Gourmet
Chrissy Camba, Vincent
Carlos Ysaguirre, Ante Prima
Cassie Green, Green Grocer Chicago
Cleetus Friedman, City Provisions
Sandra Holl, Floriole Cafe & Bakery
Peter Klein, Seedling Orchard
Nicole Pederson, C-House
Erick Williams, MK Restaurant
Paul Fehribach, Big Jones