Weekly Harvest – A Roundup Of Local Blogs Here and Yonder

March 29, 2012 at 9:29 am

One thing is for sure about the Good Food Festival last week, it generated lots of fodder for the weekly harvest, so here goes!

Number one suggestion, and as Chief Beet Rob Gardner suggested, we are giving the hat tip for recommending this piece of wisdom to our friends at Fresh Picks, from Grist.org, “Make Yourself Useful: Five Food Actions in Five Minutes”

Blue Island Community Development had this to say about the Good Food Festival.

Eleanor Baron has a new post at Nourishing Words, “Politics of the Plate” as her self guided study group goes through the course, “Hungry for Change” designed by the Northwest Earth Institute out of Portland.

A great pic from Ben Hewitt.

Nourishing the Planet is always a beehive of productivity and here is a link to some of their recent posts. One new development the World Watch Institute just released a book, “Vital Signs 2012 – The Trends That Are Shaping Our Future”, go here for more information on it. Their weekly email is always filled with tons of information on projects going on around the world on sustainability and their annual symposium, State of the World Moving Towards Sustainable Prosperity is being held on April 11 in Washington, D.C.

The Salt at NPR’s site always has new thoughts on food issues in the news, the latest one is on consumer attitudes towards GMO’s.

Concerned about the Farm Bill that is up for renewal, FilleduporFedup has a great post on it.

PHLP.org (Public Health Law & Policy) developed a great primer for all communities on the Farm Bill called, “Growing Change -Getting Involved With the Farm Bill

In terms of local food blogs, if you were wondering about what Food On the Dole is all about, Hugh Amano, the organizer of his food “salons”, has updated his “manifesto”. As one who has sampled the hospitality of one of his salons, a vegetarian one, they are a combination of class, idea exchange, a little, okay, maybe a lot, it depends, of imbibing and a lot of eating, making new friends and sharing a spirit of community and fun. Unfortunately, his classes/salons seem to be selling out ASAP, so my only suggestion is to check his site often for either last minute openings or new offerings.

Thanks to Grubstreet Chicago for keeping what’s going on in local foods in their rotation of posts! Wonder what happened to the Chicago Honey Coop’s bees? Grubstreet was the first media source to report on it. GC,  thank you for caring about local, sustainable, farm dinners and food!!!

Of course, I had to include Iliana Regan’s local blog, Finding Food!

If you aren’t aware of Heidi Swanson or her site 101recipes, here it is…

Never fails I hit the “Publish” button and then I see another local blog post that is great, here is Lottie and Doof’s latest.

And another hat tip to Cassie Green of Green Grocer for providing this link to the New York Times writeup on recipes for green garlic. This time of year when green garlic is strewn all over the tables at the markets and looks so fresh and green I want to buy it but then always struggle with how to use it. (I am sure a lot of you Beeters don’t have this issue.)

Finally, one major omission that I will admit did come after I hit the “Publish” and thanks to one of the Senior Beets Wendy Aeschliman to highlight it as it owns piece,”Ellen Malloy Says What Most People Are Thinking“,  it deserves it, Ellen Malloy”s blog, “The Backyarditarian”!!!!

As always, please, we love comments! If you have a favorite blog here or yonder, let us know in the comments below and we will highlight it in the next post.