Eat Maxwell Street with Beetnik Rob Gardner, April 29 – Part of the Greater Midwest Foodways Program

March 29, 2012 at 10:05 am

It seemed like just last week we were talking about Midwestern food traditions, as exemplified by the Chicago hot dog, on the Beet.  Well, for all those in love with our local food traditions and all those who want to learn more about our local food traditions, our friends at the Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance are putting on a great show at the end of April.  We’ll have much more on this event soon, but we wanted to let you know early on, to make plans for a tour of Chicago’s Maxwell Street market that we are co-leading, with food historian Bruce Kraig, on April 29.  The tour starts at 11 AM. Expect to eat some good stuff that day.

Additional details on the full program can be found here.