The Weekly Harvest – Roundup of Blogs Here and Yonder

March 22, 2012 at 9:31 am

Last week was a busy week with the Good Food Festival going on, so the Weekly Harvest didn’t get harvested. But I opened my email box today and saw a new post from Eleanor Baron of Nourishing Words, rather than get into how I came upon this quote in her post, let me just put it out there ”

I’m encouraged by the softness of the self-imposed rules implied by our discussion. Indeed, many of us spoke of a need to avoid the all-or-nothingness of locavorism. There’s so much more to it than that, not the least of which is pleasure. Conscious eating is what it’s all about, rather than hard and fast rules. Asking questions, finding answers and making thoughtful choices is worth so much more than adopting rigid rules and leaving the questions behind.”

You really need to go to her blog post here,” The First Bite“to find out about the group-lead course through the Northwest Earth Institute, she is taking with 11 other people and the books they are reading. I really just loved her comment about the need to avoid the “all-or-nothingness of locavorism and hard and fast rules”. She hit the nose on the head, what it is all about is conscious eating, knowing why you are making the decision to eat something that you are, and being aware of what you are eating. Okay, I will get off of my soap box, but the reason I do like the blogosphere is that it is a great place for inspiration, so here are some more blogs that inspire!!

Of course the weekly roundup always includes Nourishing The Planet‘s daily posts here.. NTP has ,also, highlighted the “Just LableIt” campaign about labeling genetically modified foods and you can sign the petition to the FDA here and get more information.

We wish we came up with this list of five foods to change the world, but we never quite think to put donkey on the menu.  Andrew Zimmern does.

Think we included a lot farm dinners in our Local Calendar?  Our friends at Soupbox rounded up a huge list of chef-driven farm events forthcoming in the upcoming months.

Ben Hewitt always has a soulful view of life on the farm and off the grid here…His most recent post deals with an issue not talked or discussed a lot. Recently, there is has been more focus in the blogosphere on how animals are treated and what animals are fed but in this post Ben ruminates about loving and living with the animals that you are ultimately going to kill and eat.

And in the category of “where have I been” here is another great local food blog I stumbled upon, “Passport Delicious”.

Another great foodie, local blog on restaurants “Stockyard Palate”. Local Beeter Wendy Aeschlimann is featured in this pre-St. Patrick’s Day post.

Here is what is going on at Soup and Bread for the next month.

In case you missed it, Nick Kindelsperger at Serious Eats Chicago put out this all encompassing guide to Chicago dogs and our own Chief Beet Rob Gardner added a piece of history with the Chicago dog here .

Speaking of Rob, he’s collecting his own links, in this case, links to posts and stories on the recently completed Good Food Festival.

For those who are curious about what a farm dinner is all about, another Beet, Wendy Aeschlimann just published a piece on Outstanding in the Field and her first hand experience at the dinner last summer in Michigan here.

Chief Beet Rob found out about all sorts of great blogs at the Good Food Festival and gosh, here, is one our home page, Eat At Kelly’s from Kelly’s Kitchen.

As usual, we LOVE, LOVE to hear your comments and any particular sustainable food, food blogs or blogs that you find inspire you to seek out great food, cook, plant, or just support the good food movement, let us know!!!!