Welcome to the Local Beet

March 18, 2012 at 8:08 am


We toast a a virtual Beet Beer to all those we’ve recently met.  Thanks especially to our friends at FamilyFarmed and the Good Food Festival for letting us participate, and thanks to all the people who have spread word on our 2012 CSA guide.

For those of you new to the Beet or at least in need of some remedial Beetness, we present this handy tip sheet.

We present a range of topics and resources with our regular features.  We also have various guides to assist you eat local including our much lauded big, big list of 2012 CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture).

Beyond our features, we host an array of Beetniks expert in all things eat local.  Think the case for local wine or guides to area mushrooms; root cellar diaries to recipes from the Sustainable Cook.  You can find all our posts on our Blog.  Pay special attention to our Local Calendar that we publish each Wednesday.  As long as we can count off area farmer’s markets on our fingers, we will list them eat week in the Calendar.  When the markets get into full swing, in late May, we will refer you to our Market Finder (an updated Market Finder for 2012 will be arriving soon).

If you want some ways to follow our dispatches, this page contains  links for our RSS feeds, our Facebook page and some of our Twitter personae.

To dive into our rich history, scroll to the bottom of this page and engage our robust search engine.

Any questions, let us know via comments or by using our contact us page.

Glad to have met so many of you, we hope you all stick around.