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February 29, 2012 at 10:23 am

A lot going on in the blogosphere this week, particularly in regard to Monsanto, GMO’s and more…

Judge Dismisses Organic Farmers Case Against Monsanto Sad news Here is the link to the petition to tell Obama to cease FDA ties to Monsanto

Occupy Our Food Supply: Rain Forest Action Network

Making Cookie Dough Safer - National Pasteurized Eggs – Ina, the Breakfast Queen posted this on her Facebook page, not that you needed another reason to eat at Ina’s.

In Food Policy This Week: 5 News Bites – Serious Eats Leah Douglas of SE does a great job of putting food policy issues into small bites and you can help send her to the White House here but you need to vote by March 3.

Diane Osgood, of Osgood Sustainability Consulting has a post out on the issue of supplier codes of conduct used by grocery chains and restaurants in regard to the seafood industry and the use of indentured labor on New Zealand fishing vessels.

Getting back to some of my regular blogs, Nourishing Words has this post.

Ben Hewitt is here

Nourishing the Planet is full of constantly updated content in regard to innovations in agriculure and agricultural issues here and yond…

For some realistic food advice Stone Soup comments here, “Are You Making the Biggest Meal Planning Mistake

Serious Eats (NY,National) today just published a great piece on “A Beginner’s Guide to Canning” Thanks Marissa McClellan and thanks SE!

I appreciate any and all comments for blogs, posts, and mistakes….have a great week!!