A Thriving Local Food System Needs Thriving Local Farmers

February 24, 2012 at 1:38 pm

As we recently noted on the Local Beet, demand for local food has reached possibly 40 percent of the public.  At least the press claims that as the amount of people clamoring for local food at their neighborhood restaurant chain.  How to meet the needs of that chunk o’ population.  A lot of thinkers in the Local Food System believe there are problems of distribution and supply, and thus, the desires of budding locavores cannot be met.  We know problems do exist with supplies and distribution, but we believe a whole host of problems will vanish, or at least diminish, when a lot more than forty percent want local food.  Still, demand-side arguments aside, we do strongly believe in the need for more area farmers who grow fruits and vegetables or raise animals for consumption.

Our friends at the Land Connection strongly believe this as well, and they have created a guide for finding local farmland, or if you own local farmland, finding a farmer who will use the land for good food.  You can order this document here.

We hope maybe a reader or two will find themselves down a new career path after seeing this.