The Weekly Harvest 2/16 Roundup of Blogs Here and Yonder

February 16, 2012 at 12:17 pm

The roundup this week includes farmers and the weather, what’s in the air we breathe, cash mobs and what they are, Illinois Food Expo, Making Lasagna Noodles and more.

Well, sometimes it is really just chance what blogs pop up to the surface because there is so much content, ideas, information out there. Irv and Shelly’s Fresh Picks posted this on their Facebook page, from, “Why Farmers Want Cold Winters” .

Nourishing The Planet has content and posts every day, some of their most recent are yesterdays about petitioning Walmart From Selling GE Corn , or this other post, Laurell Simm’s of Growing Power referenced on FB, “Strengthening Food Security Through Grain Amaranth Production”

The Land Connection posted this piece on their FB page from 100 Reporters on “Downwind: Big Ag at Your Door

Chief Beet Rob Gardner cites this optimistic post on the Huffington Post , “Eating Locally, Slowly But Surely

Okay, coffee is not necessarily grown locally but Grinderman Coffee is one of the local coffee roasters who delivers to residents of Chicago by bike no less to your door step and here is a video of his recent trip to El Salvador and the beans he sources, the farmers, the land for all who are interested in where coffee comes from.

I can’t forget Ben Hewitt, the Vermont farmer who posts about living off the land and off the grid.

Here is a concept that just floated up out of the internet universe, Cash Mobs, National Cash Mob day is March 24, wonder what they are? Go to the link. The thought is to keep $’s local and support local businesses. Have you participated in one, have an opinion, leave your experience thoughts in the comments below.

It never hurts to checkout The Illinois Department of Agriculture home page, we at the Beet were one of the happy winners of their “I Love Illinois Products Promo”. Like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @IlAgMarkets Who knows they may run another contest in the future and you might win some food/beverage products from Illinois!!

Another government agency working for the farmer and local food, the Food and Nutrition Service of the USDA has a blog and constantly communicates what they are doing, like changes to the school food programs here...

And finally…some local, local blogs… Blue-Kitchen here.., one of the founding writes and contributors of the Local Beet, Melissa Graham posts lots of great info for those small ones at LittleLocavores here...and one of Rob Gardner’s favorites, Simple,Good, and Tasty and Foodinjars always has ideas! Here is a great 4 minute video on making lasagna noodles created by our friends at Edible Chicago magazine and featuring Green City Market Director Dana Benigno.

Finally, if you do or don’t, have a favorite blog on local eating or just find inspirational on eating and sourcing food, post a comment and let us know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!