I Got a Fix at Dose Market

February 11, 2012 at 12:58 pm

I don’t know how to say it but, I’m not really one for markets and fairs.  You know the type.  You have to pay to get in and then you walk around and look at a bunch of works, sometime jewelry, sometimes sculptural, and sometimes, clothing and think it’s not that great but it sure is expensive.  So I will admit that it took a while to get me to Dose Market and yes what got me there was the list of food vendors that I frequented outside.   Still, there’s a reason this place was packed and it lacked the tchotchke features I tend to associate with these venues.

First the bad news is that Dose Market pops up about once a month.  The fantastic news is you haven’t missed the first Dose Market of 2012.  It’s tomorrow.

I’d been meaning to check this out and just didn’t get around to it until the December market when one of my friends was in for a visit from L.A.  I was hoping to remind him that while L.A. has us beat on great weather in the winter, there was still a lot to enjoy in Chicago.  Luckily for me, the weather was fantastic here as well.

Once we found each other at the entry of the Market around 1 pm, I had to admit I saw a throng of folks there and had I been alone may have left, I was tired and I do everything in my power to avoid stores from the Tuesday before Thanksgiving until after the 1st of January because the crowds are a bit much for me.  Still I knew there were a few things I wanted to see and so we entered the busy crowd.  There were hand-knit goods that didn’t look anything like what your grandmum would make.  These items looked cool.  But the food vendors drew my eye.  I spotted a friend working, Lee Greene of Scrumptious Pantry.  If I weren’t making my own pickles hers are the one’s to buy without a second thought.  She also had available olive oils and pastas; yes they are used in my kitchen regularly.  And while she maybe a friend, I buy her goods because they are fantastic.

Next to her was a jammer, Mess Hall & Co.  The first thing I noticed was they weren’t using traditional jars but the gorgeous, and expensive, Weck jars.  So I knew the product wouldn’t be inexpensive, but their little pots were a luxury, especially that blueberry with bergamot.  Again, if you aren’t making your own jam, and you know you should, but if not order it from these folks for sure.

Then there was the amazing collaboration between one of my favorite food bloggers, Tim Mazurek  of Lottie and  Doof fame and Sandra Holl of Floriole Cafe & Bakery.  They had the best looking holiday cookies I’d ever seen.  Unfortunately, I didn’t try any, but that’s because I’m still on a cookies, cakes, candy, pie, and ice cream sabbatical year until May 2012.

But there was also another amazing clothes vendor and the guys running it, yep I know one, he used to be a prosecutor, and his brother, were hard to miss.  They make a collection of ties that are far from boring.  I saw a lovely tie covered in meat cleavers and I couldn’t resist grabbing a bow tie for myself, it had a fork and knife on it.  Apparently, I have good taste because Grant Achatz had already scooped up the other bow ties with the fork and knife design.  Artfully Disheveled offers up a stylish and unexpected take on men’s fashion accessories.

So for once, you haven’t missed it and won’t have to try to remember the name of that cute Market you’ve been meaning to check out.  It’s tomorrow.  Admission is $10 at the door, day of admission, and $8 if you purchase in advance online .  Additionally,they validate parking across the street for 4 hours for $6.