The Weekly Harvest 2/9- Roundup of Blogs here and yonder

February 9, 2012 at 10:41 pm

The most exciting action on the Local Beet scan the blog scene was and they sponsored a demonstration to support the Small Farmers vs. Monsanto case . Very active, concerned Local Beeter Jeanne Calabrese was on the scene and she sent in a short video for any who is interested in what it was like to be on the scene there. Anyone, anyone who cares about this case against Monsanto, you MUST watch this video.!!!   Go Jeanne!!!! Received this in my inbox this AM, a petition requesting Obama to cease FDA ties to Monsanto, take action and sign the petition here and pass on to friends. Here are more links in terms of some of the history behind the issue, Chemistry World, Washington Post, Ecowatch

Chief Beet Rob Gardner has a slew of blogs that has captured his interest this past week. What are yours? Let us know in the comments section below. Rob likes stories on eating local around the globe. How about you?

“Growing Places on Oahu” from the on a taro farm

Can Billionaire Eike Batista Save Burger King” from

“Where to Eat and Drink in Park Slope” from and you can’t forget one of Rob’s favorites, Simple, Good and Tasty.

It is always worthwhile to check out what Ben Hewitt the farmer in Vermont has posted if you are not on his email list. Where and when he finds time to write is a miracle in itself.

And of course, you have to check out Nourishing The Planet.They always have an inspirational, insightful and/or informational post each and every day.

ChefsCollaborative is becoming more social and publishing more blog posts, so get a link to their RSS page or just check out their latest post,on “Talking Fish with Matt Jennings“, on sustainable seafood.

My college classmate who now has a flourishing blog, Docsconz has a fantastic post on Massimo Bottura, the acclaimed chef worldwide from Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy and how he was party to signing a “manifesto” that came to be known as “The Lima Declaration.”, drawn up by the “G9 chefs” of the Basque Culinary Center, which was translated and reprinted on his blog. In an “Open Letter to the Chefs of Tomorrow”, this was an appeal to chefs and cooks the world over to take an active and leading role in stewarding the world’s gastronomic resources, using ingredients responsibly and with an eye on preserving them for the future. For anyone really interested in the details of this, go to the link for the blog! This is just a really informative and inspiring posts on what is in the minds of these leading chef/artists!!!!!!!!

That wraps up the Weekly Harvest, if I have missed anything, which I am positive I have, PLEASE LET ME KNOW and share your local/yonder blogs that have interested/inspried you these past weeks!!!

On a local, local note.. a shout out to..Blue-kitchen

The USDA Illinois has lots going on always worth a click to their blog!!

New! Just found this one, sometimes I find something of interest then forget about it, Foodinjars has a post on The Urban Farm Handbook….I figure some you LB’ers will like this one!