What’s Local, Downtown Farmstand is Now 10% Off

February 8, 2012 at 8:45 am

If there’s one thing I like better than finding all sorts of local food in the heart of downtown Chicago, is finding all sorts of local food in downtown Chicago at a discount.  Having to be on the El yesterday, and being the beneficiary of the fact that the Green Line stops nearly at its doorstep, I made it a point of going to the Downtown Farmstand.  I know, based on its few year existence, that in the coldest months of year, I can find locally grown produce here.  Especially lettuce, I wanted some salad, and I know that the Farmstand usually carries the Illinois indoor-grown Living Waters lettuces that can feed my locavore needs this time of year.  My pleasure, after selecting three lettuce heads and heading to the pay counter, a sign offering me a ten percent discount.  After being rung-up, I asked how much longer would the discount apply.  At least a few weeks they told me.  I cannot guarantee you exactly what that few weeks will entail, so head to Randolph Street to find out.

Besides the lettuces, the Farmstand had a range of produce, both storage crops and from indoor production.  There were about eight varieties of potatoes; cabbages, turnips, celery root, a few apples, sprouts, and golden beets.  I really liked the fact that they had dried versions of local peppers and local beans, two great resources for winter eating.  And all for discount.  Beyond the produce, the Farmstand carries a fun mixture of speciality products and items curated from neighborhood restaurants.  It offers a true taste of Chicago.

Downtown Farmstand
66 E. Randolph
Chicago, IL