Growing Power Acting Local But Collaborating Global

January 16, 2012 at 3:37 pm

Growing Power, the brainchild of incredible innovator Will Allen is continung to grow and sprout in numberous ways but now they even are sowing roots in Uganda.

Members from the Agency for Integrated Rural Development headquartered out of Kampala, Uganda were in Chicago and Milwaukee last November, on an exchange program about learning and sharing urban growing and farming techniques and projects with the people of Growing Power. Growing Power was brought into the exchange program by Denver based non-profit, Boldleaders, an organization based on leadership development and training services for youth all over the world and funding through the Professional Fellows in Food Security program. So now in a few weeks, several members of Growing Power along with some other members of the Chicago sustainable food, farming community are leaving on a two week exchange to visit the  farmers in Uganda. The other organizations involved in the program are The Mazingira Institute out of Kenya, and Environmental Alert. You can read more specifics of the program here at Nourishing the Planet.

Meanwhile, here in Chicago, Growing Power’s Iron Street Farm is percolating with all sorts of food projects, aquaculture farming tilapia, hives, mushroom chandeliers, refurbishing bikes, outside 6 hoop houses full of kale, spinach and swiss chard this month and of course their busy worms creating their highly sought after “Black Gold” fertilizer fed by the increasing compost bins outside as more restaurants and businesses seek out Growing Power for their composting.

Who said that farming slows down in the winter or that local ideas can’t be shared across the globe, Growing Power shows that a lot more can be done and shared than you may think!