What’s Interesting (Apple-wise) at Caputo’s

December 9, 2011 at 9:32 am

We keep on saying it, Hammond says it, look to your neighborhood store, especially if your neighborhood store is Angelo Caputo’s for high quality local food, even as winter approaches.  Our sources report that right now, Caputo’s does not just have Michigan apples, but some pretty interesting varieties of Michigan apples.  No, not anything really heirloom-y, your turly winesaps, your northern spies; pearmains or newtown pippens.  Still, beyond red and yellow delicious, this week’s apples include the tart mutsu (the Michigan granny smith!), good for salads and pies; the baked apple, apple, rome (good for other baking too when you expect a soft apple texture), and the nicely nuanced and well kept fall variety, fuji.  All these non-run of the mill apples, could be had for 49 cents/lb.

On a related but un-related note, we all look for these other apples to avoid red delicious apples right?  Well, as innocuous as a red delicious apple can be, the ones from Michigan are, really, not that bad.  Don’t be afraid to mix a few into your winter eating as they are excellent keepers.

There are several Angelo Caputo’s in the Chicago area.  This report was based on the inventory of local apples at the Elmwood Park location, 2400 N. Harlem (at Grand).