The One That Got Away – Bok Choy Gratin

November 4, 2011 at 8:24 am

Members of the Local Family share the same burden as the families of many other foodies.  That pause that does not satisfy.  That overlong wait for fresh food.  The picture that needs to be taken before we eat.  If it is not shot, did we actually eat it?  The epistemology is especially vital here because I’m talking bok choy.  I’m talking a delicious bok choy casserole.  I’m telling you that all that CSA bok choy does not have to be stir fried.  If only I have a picture to help make you believe.  Yet, when I went to snap dinner the other night, once, twice, the Instagram did not work (the updated version of this ap confuses the hell out of me too).  Giving up and then trying again seemed fortuitous as I realized the delayed picture would be better as now you could see the wonderful crust cooked up by the Other Cookbook Addict and the inside filling of bok choy.  I mean it would now be more believable with the inside of the casserole showing the bok choy.  That picture did not come out either.  And the Local Family, like most families says three strikes, lets eat.  You, dear readers, get to see no bok choy casserole.  Wait, have I been calling it casserole.  I mean bok choy gratin.  Does that not sound better.  Gratin.  Bok choy can be gratined.

We are entirely long in bok choy and its related Asian style cabbage-y green, tatsoi.  It comes in great big quantities in our Tomato Mountain CSA box.*  Bok choy is the leafier, stemier, version of kohlrabi.  Only CSA subscribers seem to have some idea what to do with bok choy and tatsoi.  You stir fry it.  With brown rice.  Hippie food.  But what if you have no brown rice.  What if you don’t want a mixed medly of soy sauce infused vegetables.  What do you do with all that bok choy.  The answer is, you can do plenty.  It is really not necessary to get out the Kikkoman to consume bok choy.  Like other cabbages, that’s brassica’s to you and me, bok choy goes well with mustard, it goes well with bacon, and it goes well with cream.  A few week weeks ago, the Other Cookbook Addict used the bacon.


I actually meant to write a column, not on bok choy, but on how she can put a crust on it and call it dinner, but time flies and now we’re just talking bok choy. Needless to say, that dinner, that bok choy cooked down with pork and its fat would never be served at the Chicago Diner. And we liked it that way. And we liked it as gratin, the softened bok choy beneath a layer of home-made bechamel, that’s a thickened milk sauce to you and me; the whole thing covered in breadcrumbs and baked into another far from hippie-ish dish.  Do not fear your bok choy, but another picture would help you believe.

Note, I’ll update the inventory for you soon. Needless to say, we are flush with produce.

*The Other Cookbook Addict works for Tomato Mountain.