I Like CSAs but I Love Fall/Winter CSAs

September 27, 2011 at 2:20 pm

Rob Gardner

It won’t be that much longer until we have up our new Fall/Winter CSA guide ( a share of “comunity supported agriculture” that you get, generally once a week, for a fixed payment).  As when we put up our main CSA guide, we asked for feedback on your experiences; this time specifically asking for feedback on fall/winter CSAs.  Sadly, we have recieved no feedback.  No one wants to talk about their fall/winter CSAs.  Yet.  So, I’ll start.  I love my fall winter CSAs.  For several years, I’ve subscribed to Farmer Vicki Westerhoff’s Genesis Grower’s fall/winter CSA, and this year and last year, it’ll be Tomato Mountain*.  I love ‘em all.

I like CSAs.  For years, the Local Family got its box.  We started with an Angelic Organics box way pre-Beet, pre-Vital Information, even pre-world-wide-web if that’s possible, believe it or not.  When the kids were still in elementary school we got the Growing Power market box; the one with local food AND bananas!  And it was in elementary school where we began our relationship with Farmer Vicki, after she spoke to my younger daughter’s class.  I like the burden of having a box of local food to use each week.  I like, really, the variety of the CSA.  I mean who knows how good kohlrabi really is if not for their CSA.  What I really liked about a CSA was that relationship that came.  The weekly newsletters on farm life–hint, it’s all bad.  I liked the farm parties and the work days–hint, organic farming is back-breakingly hard.  I liked getting those boxes.  I liked having a CSA.

I liked those CSAs, but I loved the fall/winter CSAs.  I love getting the boxes in the fall/winter.  I like the fruits and vegetables that came during the summer, but I really liked the fruits and vegetables that came in the fall and winter, and I loved it for one simple reason.  I loved getting local fruits in the fall and winter.  When we started with fall/winter CSAs, there was barely any sources for local foods after the summer markets ended.  Now, we have more, many more shopping options come November, but none of these options will supply me as well as what comes in the CSA.  The simple reason for that, farmer’s prioritize their fall/winter CSA cutomers.  The first hoop-house stuff and the last storage crops go to the CSA subscribers.  My fall/winter CSAs have always filled me up with root crops, hardy greens, winter squash, onions and potatoes.  They have provided the bulk of the foods that make it possible to eat local year-round.

I’m giving you my feedback.  I’ve been entirely happy with fall/winter CSAs from Genesis Growers and Tomato Mountain. I’ve found the foods highly delicious; the variety plenty, and the value excellent.  I’d love to hear what you think.

*My wife works for Tomato Mountain.  Last year they waived their delivery charge for us because of her employment.


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  1. Jodi says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m loving my fall CSA subscription with Genesis Growers. I definitely appreciate it more than the summer CSA, which I also enjoy.

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