Extend local eating by bringing back produce from vacation

September 13, 2011 at 8:09 am

Local farmers markets feature produce from Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan. But there is a way to add more states to the list, still eating local and not increasing the footprint.

I recently brought back garlic from Minnesota when I spent 41 hours in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Saturday morning brought me to the Mill City Museum farmers market. I indulged in a few food items, including fare from a food truck parked in the middle of the farmers market, and took home some garlic.

Finding farmers market garlic isn’t easy back home, and the garlic in Minnesota looked marvelous.

No extra petroleum. No carbon footprint. The garlic was tucked safely away in my bag. My nearby seatmates might not have been thrilled with garlic, but I doubt they knew it was there.

My recall of how good that garlic was goes into the box of memories from my Twin Cities trip.

Tacky souvenirs aren’t a good sign you visited somewhere; bringing back local produce is the best souvenir you can find, even if it leaves no long-term trace.


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  1. Natasha says:

    And to think, when I brought home a bushel of New Mexican green chile one year, I got a ton of lip for not being local.

    Seems everyone views that idea differently.

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