Join Me on the Board of Slow Food Chicago – Applications Being Taken Now!

August 30, 2011 at 11:15 am

Last January, I joined the Board of Slow Food Chicago.  For years, I’ve admired their actions and also the intentions of the Slow Food Movement.  I participated at times in various events and projects, especially their guidebook and the 2009 Lunch-In at Daley Plaza.  I finally thought, enough being on the sidelines, get more active.  I’m glad they accepted my application.

Slow Food Chicago is entirely a volunteer run group, and I will say, it is a group with its hands in a million different plots.  They are always looking to sprout up good, clean, fair food.  I mean, I am specifically in charge of our marketing and communications efforts, and it seems like a constant challenge to keep on top of all the things happening.  If it is not a Pig Roast one week, it is a $5 Challenge the next.  There are book clubs and canning workshops and dinners and sit-downs.  It’s volunteers making that all happen.  Slow Food Chicago continues to need good people to keep that stuff going.  Consider applying now to be on their Board.

Details, from Slow Food Chicago are below:

Board terms are for 3 years.  And, specific skill sets we are seeking are Event Planning & Execution, Accounting, Food Advocacy, Volunteer Outreach and Producer Relations.  But even if you do not have one of these skills still apply… there are many ways to contribute to this ‘roll-up-your-sleeves’ working board. Here’s an overview of the board selection process and timeline:

September 9:    Applications are due for all individuals interested in being considered
September 19:  Application screening by the Slow Food Chicago Board Development Committee
September 26-27:  In person interviews for selected candidates conducted at KendallCollege
October 10:   Review and approval of slate by Slow Food Chicago’s Board of Directors
October 13-21:   Vote of the slate by Slow Food Chicago’s membership

Interested in applying? Click here to download the application.

Any questions? Contact Joel Smith at and he will get you answers.