Do You Want (Another) (or New) CSA? – Feedback Wanted for Fall/Winter CSA Guide

August 29, 2011 at 2:47 pm

Last February, we released our 2011 list of Chicago area CSAs or Community Supported Agriculture.  To help you choose from the many, many local CSAs identified by Wendy Aeschlimann and her scouts, we asked for your feedback.  We got tons of great comments, and Wendy compiled them in her article on picking a CSA.   In addition our yearly CSA Guide, we’ve also put out a special fall/winter CSA guide, and we are in the process of getting that one ready for 2011.  With that in play, we are asking again, for your feedback.  If you have subscribed to a fall/winter CSA in the past, please tell us about it.  Share your experiences.

We are especially keen on hearing about your fall/winter CSA experiences because we know that these CSAs provide a different role.  In the summer, we have options from our gardens or our neighborhood markets, but by October, we have very limited abilities to get local food.  The fall/winter CSA, many that go through December, really pick up the slack for locavore needs.  Does that change your CSA perspectives?  Do you want more or less from your fall/winter CSA?

Remember, if you want to keep your CSA opinions between you and us, you can ask that we not publish your comment.  In addition, you can reach us using the Contact Us on the bottom of the page.

Cover photograph by Local Beet Contributor Roderick Gedey