May I Have the Envelope Please

August 21, 2011 at 7:15 pm

And the Winner of the Foraging and Canning: An Ode to Elderflower Giveaway is (drumroll):



Helen Gunnarson said, ” Giveaway City! I maintain that I do not need to explain either why foraging isn’t a dying skill or why food preservation is experiencing a come back in our fast-paced world, because your post already PROVES those very points. Come on–here we have a busy Chicago litigator (vous) who’s plugged into all the latest gadgets, software, and web applications, serves on at least two active committees within her state bar association (one of which you chair, if I’m not mistaken), does I don’t know how many other cool things in her professional and personal life, tweets, and blogs not only about matters related to her profession but also about food AND, to top it all off, FORAGES, CANS, and MAKES HER OWN ELDERFLOWER CORDIAL, for heaven’s sake! I pride myself on my own knowledge of plants, learned mostly from my mother when I was a child in a small town downstate, but I had no idea that wild parsnip would do those awful things (though I did know it’s a noxious weed) and am not at all confident of my ability to distinguish elderflower from noxious and/or poisonous weeds. Filled with admiration at your prowess, and hope I get to win some of your cordial!”

City Winner #2:

Natasha said,  ”Giveaway City, for sure.  I don’t so much think it’s a dying skill, but I do think it’s making a comeback. Though, I’m not nearly so aware of everything as Helen is!

It just seems to me that there’s a few things going into all of this. A surge of creativity. An interest in getting our hands on our food. An interest in where our food is coming from & how it’s made. A desire to preserve the truly grand flavors that can happen when things don’t have to be shipped.

Maybe that’s just my reasons, but I think I’m not alone.

But wait, here’s what City Winner #3 had to say:

Maribeth said, “Giveaway City! I think preserving, canning and foraging never went completely away, but more people than ever are doing it because they miss their connection to real rather than processed food. People want a connection to what they eat and to see that even a rubble filled city lot can provide something edible is a revelation.”

I bet you’ve figured out by now there’s still another winner.

City Winner #4, Moira, said, “Giveaway City. Obsessed with elderflower anything, great pic and great bit of inspiration.”

Onto the Country Lovers and Winners:

From Jen Berman: ” Giveaway country! Canning is king! Combines art, craft, cooking, science and more. Can’t wait to spend my day on it on Saturday.

Question for you–where do you find unwaxed citrus fruit?”

Finally, Bryn said, ” Giveaway Country!! I’m not too familiar with foraging, but in our home, canning and preserving is alive and well! I’ve done batches of peach, blueberry and strawberry jam, and tomato products are on the horizon this fall (tomato jam, tomato sauce, tomato salsa). Canning is part of the HUGE trend in crafting, DIY, local eating and generally using your hands to create something. Canning is for cool kids!”

I had hoped to get some foraging done today for elderberries, but alas, it was not meant to be, perhaps next season.


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  1. Natasha says:

    I somehow missed this earlier. What cool responses!

    Thanks again.

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