Local’s Where You Find It – What’s Local Serrelli’s

August 15, 2011 at 5:50 pm

Buy local when you can.  That’s one of our core beliefs in our Practical Approach to Local Eating.  This has two benefits.  First, obviously, it gets you local food, a very good thing.  Second, it encourages that shop to continue sourcing local food. I’ve seen local food in some odd places: the dollar store, Deals, Aldi, and on more than few occasions the Italian deli and grocery store, Serrelli’s.

So, when I ran over to Serrelli’s across the street (kinda) from the Bungalow for some cheap, squishy buns to complement the burgers I’m making tonight from some new cow (Trail’s End Organic), I noticed at the pay counter, box or gorgeously irregular cukes that spoke home grown to me.

“Where are they from,” I asked.

“Michigan”,  she went on to explain that “a guy drops off stuff every couple of weeks.”

Word has it that I missed out on some fantastic peaches.  Still, I was very happy to walk home with six cucumbers for a dollar.

Serrelli’s is located at 6548 W. North in Chicago.  They make their own Italian beef and giardinara besides selling the occasional home grown cuke.