Catch the Beet – What’s Been Happening

August 13, 2011 at 4:51 pm

Have you not had the chance to stay on beat, catching the Beet as items get posted.  Instead of sitting around with the Sunday papers, how ’bout spending some time with the Local Beet.  Over the last few weeks, we’ve published a mix of items: some making you aware of events to come, some reporting on events that have happened.  We’re on top of seasonal produce, what to do with it and where to find it.

We’ve highlighted below, some of the things you can find in the Local Beet.

Wendy seems intent on doing more with her food than necessary.  She took the challenge to make local celery salt and turned her cucumbers into cocktails.

Ava is also turning to drink, making cordial from elderflowers she foraged.  Better, she is offering you the chance to win some her homemade elderflower cordial!

Late summer means tomatoes and peaches at the markets.  We”ve identified 44 ways to use your peach.  Please tell us some other ways.  We’ve re-posted our guide to heirloom tomatoes.

We try to keep our Blog abreast in worthwhile activities and reports from our Beetniks.  Peg checked in with an update from Ravinia.  Over to the side of the Blog, Tom’s previewed the forthcoming Seven Generations Ahead Micro-Brew Review.

The Cookbook Addict told us about an old friend, Elizabeth David.

I’ve been obsessing over Turkish breakfasts even when they’re for lunch and always vexed by local celery.

Stay on the Beet.  We’ll  be following what’s local in the grocery stores, keep on top of what’s in season, and giving advice on making your seasonal bounty last.  Something especially to look for, our magnum opus on the many ways to put away your local tomatoes.  We also hope to see you at Cork and Crayons, the Slow Food Chicago Pig Roast and other great eat local activities.