Eat Local Maxwell Street

August 2, 2011 at 2:53 pm

It’s that time of year when you can combine your locavore leanings while addressing your needs for used tools, fake (but you would never know) fancy purses; athletic socks and incredibly tasty Mexican food (pdf).  We found a good range of locally raised produce at the Maxwell Street Market this week, and we expect to see more in the weeks that follow.



As you might expect, the produce sold is mostly geared towards Mexican food.


You can even find items, like the soapy tasting herb, papalo.



There are green banana peppers, not that hard to find at farmer’s markets, and fresh chile de arbol, which I have never seen before.


Fresh beans and their sister, sweet corn.

The Maxwell Street Market is always a good idea.  For the local food sold, this time of year makes it an even better idea.

Today’s MSM is now located on Desplaines, usually between Roosevelt on the south
and Harrison on the north side. The MSM is open for business every Sunday, in any
kind of weather, from around 7AM until around 3PM

Just in case you don’t know, what we call the Maxwell Street Market is no longer on Maxwell Street, nor is it even on Canal, where it was for several years.  Now, the market located on Des Plaines, from Roosevelt on the south to about Harrison on the north.  The Maxwell Street Market is only open on Sundays, operating from around 7 AM until 3 PM.



  1. Fresh chile arbol is a real find; pretty sure I’ve never eaten that.

    Second photo from the top: purslane?

  2. Rob Gardner says:

    Yes, the second photo from top is purslane, or as it is often called down there, verdolaga. The amount of purslane growing around Chicago–look down–it’s the opposite of chile de arbol when it comes to “find”.

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