July 27, 2011 at 1:05 pm

Rob Gardner


For some, the second day of the week is enjoyed, mindfully, as Meatless Monday. The Local Family likes that. We like keeping meat off of our table several days a week. We do it to reduce meal costs. We do it for the health benefits and most of the Local Family find themselves in need of girth reduction, and we do it because we believe in the eco-benefits of reducing meat consumption. We just don’t necessarily make it a point on Mondays. See, we have more important things to cook up on Mondays. As it has happened in the past, Mondays are a night that Mom works, and when Mom works, Dad and the kids get out the oil jug. Mondays are once again fry-days for most of the Local Family.

Fry when Mom’s not around. The smell bothers her. She mess bothers her even more (although truth be told, half the fry days I don’t get the mess cleaned up). She’s really not keen on being tempted by fried foods. She knows, like we all know, that Fryday is one of the most tasty yet caloric days of the week. She wants no part of Fryday.

Not the rest of us. Home frying is not the easiest thing to do, before you get to the mess part. It’s tricky getting and keeping the right temperature on the stove. There’s never enough room to lay out the finished product, and did I mention the mess. On top of that, there’s the problem of how much oil needs to be used for 3/4′s of the Local Family. Nonetheless, fried foods taste great, and frying surely enhances meatless Monday.

What better way to treat vegetables than to fry them. Eggplants, enormous receptacles of oil that they are, so take to frying. I cooked up a big batch of the deceptively named “marinated eggplants”, which is eggplant slices fried and then tossed with copious amounts of garlic and some white wine vinegar. It’s supposed to last for days in the fridge, but we ate it all up on Fryday. Same with the zucchini scarpece, another fried and marinated treat, we ate it all.   I should point out, for the record and as the photo shows, there was also ample use of herbs in the dishes.  Really, the herbs, parsley in the eggplant and mint with the zucchini, add essential counterpoints to the dishes.  You must have fresh herbs in the house for Fryday.  There was also fine whole grain Red Hen bread for palate relief, and un-pictured, the first of the year corn. We cannot wait to see what we do next Fryday.