Other Good Things About Local Beer/Get Your Early Bird Tickets for Micro-Beer Event

July 18, 2011 at 2:52 pm

Time Out Chicago did an excellent run down on why our local beer scene is hopping, including a taste-off that show very well for the Local.  While we think it covered much of what makes our beer scene great, we think it missed a few things.

First, obviously, it missed one of the best things about our local beer besides drinking the beer.  That is the words of “Hoppin’ Around with Tom” Tom Keith.  If nothing else, Tom realized Chicago was a true beer Mecca over a half year before Time Out.  Since hoisting the beer beat, Tom, sometimes to my chagrin, has not approached things directly.  ”Can’t you just taste some bock beers”, I’ve admonish Tom (each Spring).  Tom has never just tasted beer, he’s tasted in the whole scene, and if you are truly interested in how things are hoppin’, take a bit of time to catch up with Tom’s archives.

Second, do you know about an opportunity not just to take in many of the great local beers but the opportunity to assist one of our favorite organizations, Seven Generations Ahead?  You can do this with their Annual Micro-Brew Review being held on August 20 in downtown Oak Park.  And if you act before July 20, you can get discounted tickets.  Want to wet your whistle?  See the list of participating breweries here.

Combine the two.  Tom will be in attendance at the event.  He’d love to chat beer with you.  Then, look forward to his event report.


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  1. Tom Keith says:

    Yes, I’ve got my tickets. And to quench Rob’s thirst for a bock, maybe we can convince Doug Hurst (Metropolitan Brewing) to make a maibock for next spring. I may even buy one for Rob, to thank him for his kind words. Or maybe not.

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