North Shore Farmers Markets, 2011

July 6, 2011 at 7:58 pm

North Shore Farmers Farmers Markets, 2011:  Skokie, 7/3

5127 Oakton St.
Parking lot between Skokie Public Library and Skokie Village Hall
Skokie, IL
Sunday, 7:30AM – 12:45PM

Another old-school North Shore market, the Skokie market has been in existence for over three decades.  One of very few Sunday markets in the Chicago area. A big plus, particularly for those buying in bulk (as many of its customers do, for freezing, canning, etc.), is the large city parking lot just across Oakton, which is free on Sunday.

The following is a thumbnail recap of the current Skokie vendors; current available produce and products will be updated periodically through the end of the market year:


-         KAP Farms (IL): largest vendor at Skokie market; wide seasonal selection of vegetables, as well as some fruit.  Sweet corn was available this week

-         M&D Farm, Homer Glen (IL): root crops, vine crops, perennial plants


-         Noffke Family Farm (MI):  Berries and other fruit in season

-         A. Dongvillo Farm (MI):  Berries, cherries, pears/peaches in season

-         R&B Miller Farms (MI): stone fruits, jams, apples and pears in season

Flowers & Plants

-         T&H Farms (IL): large assortment of large potted vegetables, for patio gardening, including staked tomatoes, trellised zucchini, and shrub-sized bell peppers, sunk into bushel baskets.  Large perennial plants and potted sunflowers; variety of plants/flowers is seasonal

-         Oosterhoff & Sons (IL): cut flowers, especially many varieties of Asiatic and Oriental lilies; good selection of perennial plants, including hostas and decorative grasses for both sun and shade, currently at sale prices


-         La Venture (IL): donuts, fruit pies, quick breads of all kinds, sweet rolls

-         Sweety Pies (IL): a Skokie-based foodcrafter, offering pies, cookies, brownies;

Miscellaneous Foods

-         That Pickle Guy, (IL): pickles, giardinera, relishes, muffaletta olive salad;

-         The Cheese People (IL): cheese;

-         Hair of the Ferret (IL) salsas;

-         Let’s Spice It Up! (IL): jarred herbs, spices, spice blends and rubs;

-         River Valley Mushrooms (WI): mushrooms, pasta sauces, soups, jarred pickled mushrooms, pickled asparagus;

-         White Star (IL)  Small baked goods, beverages.  New for 2011:  jarred pasta sauces and soups

-         Tony’s Knife Sharpening (IL) – wheel knife blade sharpening service