What do you think of this season’s strawberries?

June 16, 2011 at 12:34 pm

As you know, the markets have gone red with strawberries (and rhubarb).  But — I keep hearing reports that this season’s strawberries are not great.  I’ve been out-of-the-country for the last week, so I did not have my first local strawberry until today (from Klug Farms).  I thought it was delicious, sweet, tart, ripe, tender.  Nothing wrong there.

So what are your market reports about this year’s strawberries?  If you’ve found some particularly good ones, let us know where.



  1. Berry Lover says:

    Coming from Chicago, where can we pick our own berries? Can you link to some pick-your-own farms, preferably organic? It’s a fun family activity and a great way to stock your freezer! Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries…


  2. Rob Gardner says:

    Great question Wendy. I have seen the same reports as well. I’m always at a loss how to respond to these things, because, well, I’m too much of a homer right?

    I’ve had plenty of local strawberries so far this year, mostly from Michigan’s Hardin’s Farm, but also from Walt Skibbe and Genesis Growers. While the very first strawberries were a bit tart still, as can be expected, I’ve found nothing wrong with this season’s berries. In fact, I find the difference between local strawberries and Driscoll, etc. strawberries so monumental, I find question pretty odd.

    Whether it’s melons, berries or cherries, I’ve found local fruit to be the area where the differences in taste so abound. Of course, with fruit, the difference in price is more distinct too. Still, if you care about eating well, you want to eat the best, and with fruit, especially strawberries, local is the best.

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