A Busy Eat Local Weekend, Hope You Join Me

May 13, 2011 at 4:31 pm

Rob Gardner

We got Oak Park Temple to smell like Manny’s.  Of all the things we had and have to do for this weekend, that one did not appear on any David Allen approved lists, but as side effects go, a very good one.  The aroma of Manny’s comes from pans of cholent simmering away, part of the “green” dinner my wife and I, along with the rest of our Chaverim are preparing tonight at the Synagogue.  We will barely rest from there.

Well, I will rest slightly more than the other Cookbook Addict.  She will be up before the crack of dawn to take her first market assignment of 2011 for Tomato Mountain Farm.  She’ll be part of their team selling produce and canned materials at Saturday’s Green City Market.  I won’t get too much more sleep, as I’ll have to take care of Molly the Eat Local Dog.  Later, I’ll hang at Green City, making a meal of maple flavored butter and Brunkow cheeses.  I’ll have to pick up the stinging nettles from Green Acres I verbally committed to the other day.  We zip off from Green City to McCormick Place for the Green Festival.

Any spare time at Green Festival, I’ll hang with the crowd of CSA farmers and soap merchants at the mini FamilyFarmed Expo zone.  Then, myself, Slama, Helen Cameron of UnCommon Ground, and Suzanne Keers of Local First Chicago will deliver the message that the biggest way to green your life is to green your diet.  We’ll explain how people can live the local life all the time.  Our panel is at 33o PM in the Sustainable Home and Garden Pavilion.

I plan on squeezing in a trip to Chinatown Saturday, where I doubt I will eat anything local, but the food miles of the hand pulled noodles will be pretty scant nonetheless.  Somewhere, late Saturday or early Sunday, I have to pass off a gaggle of Slow Food Chicago material in my possession to the team selling tomato plants at the Empty Bottle Farmer’s Market on Sunday.  I like to think I will be, in spirit, at least, at that market.  Please stop by and buy a delicious tomato plant that will help support the activities of Slow Food Chicago.

I doubt I’ll be at Empty Bottle, but I will be at the Beverly Farmer’s Market way on the South side of Chicago, because that’s where my wife will be selling Tomato Mountain on Sunday.  I’m going with her because I also need to be on the South side that morning to appear on Mike Nowak’s show on WCPT/820 AM.  Expect me on about 1030 AM talking market locator and all the new Beetniks coming on board. 

I’m thinking we’ll conclude the eat local weekend with locally raised goats, cooked in the traditional tatemada style at Birria Zaragoza.

And if you’re getting tired at this point, note that before we got to Manny’s aromas, we had to plan the meat with Rob Levitt of Butcher and the Larder (unlike Manny’s, we use grass fed, local beef);  we had to pick up 35 pounds of Michigan asparagus from Mick Klug; and pickle a whole ton of Lake Superior whitefish.  All in the name of eating local.