Time To Start Busting The Myth That Farmer’s Markets Are More Expensive Than Supermarkets: The Atlantic

May 10, 2011 at 2:41 pm

As we scramble here daily trying to put together a comprehensive, useful farmer’s market locator for you, it’s hard for us not to marvel at the sheer number of farmer’s markets in Chicagoland. Some towns have more than one, which creates competition and variety that we hope — at the Beet — will rival the prices and selection at the supermarket.

Unfortunately, there is a prevailing view that only well-heeled snobs can afford to shop at farmer’s markets.¬† Sometimes the farmer’s market is more expensive than the grocery store, but sometimes Jewel is not always cheaper than Dominick’s. Such is the way of the market.¬† As we’ve written here time and time again, country farmer’s markets tend to be cheaper than some city ones, some products are cheaper than others, riper fruit and vegetables are generally priced to move, and shopping later in the day can yield some fantastic deals. But has anyone listened?

Along comes The Atlantic to the rescue, which recently published the results of several studies comparing farmer’s markets to more¬†conventional shopping outlets, and found that farmer’s markets are “often cheaper.” Farmer’s markets often beat supermarkets for conventionally grown produce, and for organic items, they beat grocery stores every time hands down. Also key? Competition. Full article here.