Meet Best Selling Author Mark Kurlansky Tomorrow

May 6, 2011 at 3:31 pm

World Without Fish

Imagine a planet with orange oceans, toxic seawater, and marine life that consists almost solely of jellyfish. This is the scenario that Mark Kurlansky, renowned author of the award-winning bestseller Cod, asks us to contemplate in World Without Fish.

Lushly illustrated andwritten for young readers, World Without Fish compellingly explains how, without sustainable fishing and improved environmental practices, the future of fish and the health of oceans is bleak. World Without Fish is a clarion call to all ages about the importance of taking action to save the ocean’s fish from extinction. Mark will be joining us at the Notebaert Nature Museum on May 7 from 11am-1pm to discuss the importance of marine conservation and what we do to make sure that we don’t live in a World Without Fish.

Special guests include representatives from the Shedd Aquarium who will lead us through an interactive activity to show how interconnected we are with all of the world’s species, but most particularly the fish in our lakes, rivers and oceans. We will also be treated to a demonstration by Dirk Fucik of Dirk’s Fish and Gourmet who’ll treat us to a delicious dish made with sustainable seafood.

The event is ongoing, so stop by at any time between 11am and 1pm on Saturday May 7 at the Notebaert Nature Musuem, located at 2430 North Canon Drive. The event is free with your paid admission to the museum.