[UPDATE: ALD. COLON WITHDRAWS REQUEST FOR HEARING] TODAY: Hearing on Ald. Colon’s Objection to Logan Square Market Permit, NOON

May 3, 2011 at 10:49 am

UPDATE:  Sources are reporting that Ald. Colon  withdrew his request for a hearing today on his objection to the permit for the Logan Square Farmer’s Market, however, the market’s status is still up in the air.   [EARLIER ... ]There will be a hearing today at City Hall regarding Alderman Colon’s objection to a permit for the Logan Square Farmer’s Market, scheduled to begin this June.  In addition, Alderman Colon will allegedly not support an ordinance waiving the fee for the permit (which he has supported since 2007) that would save the market thousands of dollars, according to the market.   The Logan Square Chamber of Commerce says that this fee waiver ordinance helps them keep the cost of each stall at $30 per day.  The hearing will take place at noon, in Room 201-A.

The Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship is calling this hearing and Ald. Colon’s actions an “ambush,” because he is trying to block the market’s special event permit, and gave only one day’s notice of the hearing.  Gapers Block is suggesting that, although the alderman did not return their calls for comment, his actions may have been retaliation for political activity that was conducted last election at the market.  The Logan Square Chamber of Commerce believes that such activities at the market are constitutionally protected, even encouraged.

Logan Square Farmer’s Market is important to its community.  As one neighbor and supporter of the market stated, “Regardless of the political and/or personal issues at work here, I hope the neighborhood can rally around an important community resource like the farmer’s market.”  If you support the market, please attend today’s hearing.



  1. Marissa Goettling says:

    He better change his mind. I’ll begin a campain to vote him him out today. He must not realize how many green meme humans are in his region. His actions prove he is not a sustainable choice as a leader. Too unhealthy to create the future we need. Thanks for letting us know.

    • howard mock says:

      if this is true, this guy is a brontasaurus environmentally speaking. these are old machine tactics, who voted this guy onto this position. go marissa, go!

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