UPDATED! Market Locator Preview and The Earliest Markets for Your Eat Local Needs

May 3, 2011 at 4:55 pm


We are pleased to let you know about our new Chicago area farmer’s market locator about to be launched, and we want to let you know about several Chicago area farmer’s markets already launched or about to be launched.  Note, if you are aware of a newly formed Chicago area market, feel free to leave us a comment or otherwise contact us so we include your market in our locator.

Eating local is hardly complicated.  It does require two items: resources and will.  For your will, your desire to eat local, we try to share the fun we have eating local, the deliciousness we find in local, and the benefits and impacts we find in local food.  Resources, well the primary resource we believe you need is knowing where you can obtain local food.  Of course, you can get your local food through a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), and we have produced a big, big list of CSAs to help you find one best for you.  Or you can find local food in stores and area farmer’s markets.  From November, until about now, we could count the amount of Chicago area markets open on any given week on our fingers.  We could list all these markets in our weekly Local Calendar.  Starting this week, however, it’s going to take fingers and toes, and soon all the digits of all the Local Beet staff to keep up with area markets.  We cannot just throw them into our Local Calendar post, as that will be too long.  We need a market locator to capture all the information.

We had a good market locator on the site.  In fact, actually, for the time being (and until we figure some things out), we have our legacy market locator right on top of the home page of our site.  We built a very good locator a few years ago.  It had a map and other interactive features.  Really, we built too good of a locator, and when data started getting off and new markets arose, we did not have the easy ability to fix our locator.   Not the least, our highly skilled programmer who did the excellent job went off and got himself a good, paying job.  We hoped we could get something fixed last year, yet as time passed, we just punted.  This year we will launch a new locator, using the same searchable, sortable format of our CSA guide.  While not quite as snazzy as our previous version, it should get you to the market you need, no problem. 

We hope to have version 2.0 of the Local Beet Market Locator up by the end of the week.  Our first priorities in the database  included listing all Chicago markets and listing the markets starting by mid-May.    In putting together this information, we noticed quite a few markets opening or already opened by Mother’s Day. 




  • New!  Western Springs French Market