Not the Cookbook Addict I Thought

April 25, 2011 at 10:03 am

Rob Gardner

How closely do you follow the Local Family.  We consist of two Local teens, ever willing to eat apples for month’s on end.  Myself, Dad, the chronicler.  The person who constantly promises to broadcast the eat local revolution, one meal at a time, and then consistently loses the time to do it.  Finally, Mom, who cooks up the bulk of the locavore meals, and if you know one thing about Mom, if nothing else, she likes to refer to a book or two to guide her locavore meals.  Now, a book or two, over the years has morphed into a book or three; I mean a book or three hundred.  OK, my best guess, we own more than three hundred cookbooks.  We live in a bungalow with eight rooms plus two bathrooms.  In each of those eight rooms, you can find cookbooks.  One room, our extra bedroom, our “sun room”, sit piles of books.  You have heard me call my wife, lovingly, the Cookbook Addict.

For ages, I’ve been, mmmm, Cookbook Addict, that would make a good column for the Local Beet.  For one thing, given the size of the cookbook sections at area book stores, I knew more cookbook addicts existed.  For another thing, I knew there may be addicts and there are addicts.  I mean, man did she know about cookbooks.  Help others I pleaded to her.  Share your knowledge.  Occasionally, she gave weak promises.  She would do something.  She never did.  It remained a good idea.

I shared this good idea with Kim Bartko, who I worked with on the 2011 FamilyFarmed Expo.  She thought it a good idea.  She however, had a better idea.  See, she too happened to be a cookbook addict.  She too knew too much about the field.  Unlike my wife, Kim wanted to participate.  The Local Beet now has its Cook Book Addict.  I did not expect anyone else to approach the mania of the addict in the Local Family, but Kim’s already proved to me in a few weeks that she’s quite a crazy gal.

She is a crazy gal, however, more willing to share.  Kim brought all sorts of excellent ideas for cookbook addict posts.  We finally settled on a post on her top ten most essential eat-local cookbooks.  Of course, addict that she is, Kim could not fill a Beet post with all ten.  In her first post for us, she made it through five must have books.  None of the books she highlights is obscure or dated, but Kim makes a strong case for why they should be on your shelves.  Given her addiction, it is only a matter of time until we start getting to the books we’ve barely heard of.  Welcome a new Addict to the family.