FamilyFarmed Expo 2011 – What Others Are Saying – UPDATED x 4

March 21, 2011 at 8:04 am

We found the 2011 FamilyFarmed Expo highly successful.  We will have various follow-up reports on the Local Beet over the next several days.  In addition, we will be monitoring what others have said about the event.  Come back here often as we collect the celebrations.

Sam Worley of the Reader has been reporting extensively from the Expo.  We appreciate this summary of our canning panel.

As last year, Tammy of Chicago Bites turned press access into a non-stop download of Twitter updates and blog posts.  She helped capture the deliciousness of Localicious.

I ran into Melissa Harris of the Chicago Tribune at the Expo on Thursday.  She asked me what was newsworthy, but at the time, I had been there for about 45 minutes, so I felt unqualified to answer.  Without my help, she did manage to find one of the more newsworthy people there, Laura McLaughlin of the Glass Rooster.  Read a bit about Laura here.

Anthony Todd has some great event pictures with his recap at Chicagoist.

The blogger at Apartment Farm said I did not say anything memorable in my panel.

Rick at Sustainable Work found the Expo invaluable.

Gideon Blustein, a Chicago Agriculture Industry Examiner, saw economic opportunities at the Expo.

Recently James Beard award nominated Mike Gebert manages to sneak a mention or two of the Expo in his Expo report.

Square One Organics was there.

More from Chicago Bites, Pattie Lee guest posts with her experience.

The Chicago Foodies make a very good summary of Melissa’s session on eating local on a budget.

More from Sam at the Reader, this time on school food.

We traded a few twitter thoughts with My Halal Kitchen, and now they’ve gathered more of their FamilyFarmed thoughts in this post.

A good overview of the event from the Farm Plate blog.

New! – The folks at the restaurant, Gilt Bar, find salvation with urban farmers at the Expo.

New! – Seedling Chicago, a blog on urban agriculture reports on urban agriculture at the Expo.

New! – The Shifted Librarian has some pictures uploaded to Flickr that you can see.

New! – Lt. Governor Sheila Simon tauts her presence at the Expo.

New!Joonbug gets to a lot in a few days.

New! – The perspective of a couple of regular guys.

Let us know any stories we’ve missed.