The Weekly Harvest – In Which We Reap Some Worthy Local Food Links

March 18, 2011 at 7:04 am

A good wrap up of the Financing Farm to Fork Conference from the Chicago Reader

Looking for information on local foods in our neighboring state of Indiana, Going Local helps.

Our friend Lee, who you will be hearing from more soon on the Beet, gets a nice write-up on Epicurious.

While Epicurious heralds Lee and her efforts to sell local, its sister site, Gourmet Live, features Pavia Rosati (a name that would ordinarily scream locavore right?), telling us to shut up.   Pavia writes, “Locavores, be careful. You mean well, your goals are pure, and you’re on the right side of the argument, to say nothing of history.”  Yet, she wants us “to keep yourself in check.”  OK!

Five steps to local eating.  Our friend Jen Maiser published this a while back on the Eat Local Challenge blog, but as many thoughts are on local eating, with FamilyFarmed and all, we thought this would be a good place for folks, as Jen says, “who are just dipping their toe into the local eating world.”

Tom Philpott mediates between city mouse and country mouse on the question of farm subsidies.

Do you follow the action at C&D Pastured Pork?

Share with us some other good eat local links.