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February 25, 2011 at 9:27 am

We are proud to release our 2011 list of Chicago area CSAs or Community Supported Agriculture produced by Wendy Aeschlimann.  We made a very big list in 2010 then made it bigger in 2011, and then when it seemed as full as full can be, our scouts Robin Schirmer and Wendy found even more.  In addition to those Beetniks, we worked with our friends at on the 2011 Guide.  As we did last year, we organized our listings in a table, allowing you to sort and organize as you need.  Also, as in last year, the Guide features a robust search box allowing you to find your specific need.

As you know, we have been soliciting feedback on your CSA experiences, and we have gathered a good amount of intelligence.  It is not too late, however, to submit your opinions.  We expect to publish our consumer feedback piece soon.  We also very much seek your comments, corrections and additions to our 2011 Guide.  Do you want a CSA in 2011?  The Local Beet is here for you.

And want to talk CSAs with us?  We will be an exhibitor at the 2011 FamilyFarmed Expo, Saturday March 19, at the UIC Forum to answer all your CSA questions.  In addition, at the Expo you will find representatives from many CSA farms who can tell you about their product.

Look for our table of 2011 CSAs here.  You can sort and search the table by the following columns/fields:

  • CSA Name
  • Type of CSA – e.g., vegetable, meat
  • Type of Farm – Find organic CSAs!
  • Delivery options – Find a CSA near you and a box size for you; some CSAs offer home delivery
  • How often – i.e., weekly
  • Length of season – Including CSAs with Spring, Fall and Winter options
  • Extra products – e.g., some CSAs offer eggs or even fresh flowers
  • Availability – Yes some CSAs are already near capacity

 We are pleased to have produced the 2011 CSA Guide in conjunction with our friends at

Cover photograph by Local Beet Contributor Roderick Gedey


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  1. ChicagoA says:

    Thanks for this! Great information.
    I appreciate all the info and hard work and research.
    Thanks, too, for asking for feedback about CSAs (and for (eventually) sharing that feedback). Really helpful.

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