Food Maven in Midst Offers Welcome

February 14, 2011 at 4:08 pm

If you have discovered the Local Beet via David “Hat” Hammond’s recent placement of me as a food maven in the midst of Oak Park, welcome.  If you have not seen the placement, go visit now. 

If you are just getting used to the the Local Beet and the Eat Local lifestyle, we suggest you start with our regularly updated Local Calendar (most recent version here). 

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Don’t forget to have a glass of local wine with your local food, and our wine expert Wendy Aeschlimann makes the case for local wine.  Read her arguments here as well several other pieces she has done for the Local Beet.

Keighty Alvarez teaches you how to make your own cheese and also writes, with love, about other cheesey topics.

Our latest expert in Mark Smrecek who covers home curing, sausage making and other meaty matters.  Mark wants you to know that the obvious course of action, when one finds a beef navel is to make pastrami.

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