More Straight Meat Talk: Francis Lam Breaks Down Chicken

February 12, 2011 at 11:29 am

It’s been a great week to talk about meat.  Earlier, we linked Paul Fehribach’s blog post about his struggles in providing sustainably, humanely raised meat for his Andersonville restaurant, Big Jones.  Now, Francis Lam of Salon provides a useful piece breaking down the often-misleading labeling of chicken.  What’s the difference between Kosher, free-range, and pastured chicken?  And does all-natural mean anything?  (The answer:  No.) Read more here. 

Some local references related to this article:

Gunthorp is an example of a local producer of pastured chicken, and is sold at City Provisions and Butcher and Larder

Whole Foods carries Miller’s Farms (Indiana) chickens that are air-chilled.

If you’ve come across any other worthwhile sources of local chicken, please feel free to post.