I Cannot Believe I Ate the Whole Cow

February 9, 2011 at 9:37 am

When my wife and two kids decided to become the Local Family we decided we would do it without the benefit of local meat.  At first, we just could not accommodate the high price for meats at area farmer’s markets.  Then, we discovered the essential eat local purchase, a good sized freezer (something so essential it was one of the first things we wrote about on the Local Beet).  With a big freezer, one could buy a big size of meat.  As Carrie Kirby, the Frugilista writes today in the Chicago Tribune, buying meat in bulk makes it much more doable to provide your family with good meat.

The most responsible — and cheapest — solution would be to go without meat entirely. But my family doesn’t want to go without. Instead, I cut back on the meat I serve, and put the savings toward bulk meat purchases. My household split a side of beef with my parents, and we found that we both improved the quality of the meat on our table and saved money at the same time. Other families who took the bulk-meat plunge report the same double-win.

Kirby goes on to provide good background and advice on getting the whole cow. We expect to have some related information on bulk meat up sometime soon on the Local Beet.

Of course, two years ago, Time magazine found “cow-pooling” to be a new trend.  Kinda like the home root cellar movement?