Forget Snowpocalypse! Seed Exchanges Are a Balm to Gardeners in Winter

January 31, 2011 at 8:07 pm

Look at the bounty of this gardener's generosity

Look at the bounty of this gardener's generosity

I’m not really big on driving anymore.  It stems from driving back and forth to Champaign for school.  So it’s a pretty big deal that my first seed exchange required a trek out to Des Plaines yesterday.

Whoops, I promised no fancy gardening terms without explanation.  A seed exchange is just that.  You bring seeds, only the legal kind, and you take seeds.  It’s kind of cool because most gardeners have more than they want.

I’ve been struggling because in addition to my shared community garden plots, I still haven’t decided what I want to plant at our home garden.  I figured this seed exchange would at least get me to think about it.

This was an inaugural seed exchange.  It was perfect for novice gardeners and those who were thinking about gardening.  It didn’t require that you bring any seeds at all.


The best tip of the year, I’m sure all the veteran gardeners know this one already, was this little wooden tool that you use to make cups for seedlings.  These babies are completely biodegradable.  When it’s time to transplant, you just dig a hole and plop it in.  Somehow, I think I can use a small glass to accomplish the same thing.  Time will tell.


I did get intrigued by a couple of the offerings at the seed exchange.

Runner Beans, a favorite of my family's from across the pond

Runner Beans, a favorite of my family's from across the pond

Ultimately, these could land in one of my gardens or be used as booty at upcoming exchanges.



  1. Are the runner beans similar to lima beans? They look alike but a bit bigger

  2. No. They are very different from lima beans. I’m from the south, so giant white lima beans with rice sounds fantastic right now!

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