Share Your CSA Info with Us Without Sharing – Confidentiality Assured

January 19, 2011 at 6:17 pm

Beetnik, and keeper of the CSA lists, Wendy A, made the good point to me today that some people may not be comfortable sharing their CSA experiences “in public“.  Given how intimate the farmer/subscriber relationship can be, or seem to be, I can totally see why some people may not want to leave their name behind a comment on their CSA experience.


…we still want to hear from you.  If you are uncomfortable leaving a public comment on this site, we offer you a few options. 

  1. You can leave a comment on our CSA thread, but specifically ask that certain identifying information be left off your comment.  When we go to approve your comment, we can edit your identifying information.
  2. You can leave a comment on the the CSA thread, but specifically ask that it not be published.  We will take your information into account, confidentially,  but not post your comment or use your name in any subsequent articles
  3. If you are a registered subscriber to the site, your comments are not moderated, so options 1 & 2 will probably not work well for you (and we like registered subscribers!).  If that is the case, and you want to comment to us in private, please email me at Rob at with your CSA thoughts.  We will only publish what you want us to publish from your email.  Confidentiality assured.

Please note, we appreciate your feedback and we appreciate if you do not want your CSA comments to be public, but we will not give much weight to comments that have no attribution to them.  In other words, you cannot just leave anonymous comments.

We promise to protect your identity if you so desire.  We want honest feedback on CSA experiences.  And if any of this is too confusing, let us know that too.